Pipe Belling Machine

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SGK pipe belling machine, equip with pipe stacker and traction device which match with main extruder and corresponding program interface, can be used with main extruder, it also can be used as a single machine.

Working principle:
1.   Pipes are moved in translation when be expanded, accurate and smooth action is not easy to damage the pipe;
2.   This machine adopts infrared heating mode and double heating furnace, each heating furnace are equipped with central heating furnace core;
3.   Molding method adopts expanding pipe head shape, forming orifice size is accurate;
4.   The models in the control panel without expanding solvent type socket (direct port) and expanding the elastic sealing ring type socket (R) switch.
5.   Expanding way is very easy choice, strong adaptability; electrical controls of the main components are imported components, the system performance is stable and reliable.