SMP Series Milling Machine

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Plastic mill machine is widely used in chemical industry, waste recycling, plastic pipes, plastic profiles manufacturing, plastic modification etc plastic grinding. According to the classification principle of milling, milling machine is mainly divided into the rotor (turbo) milling machine and grinder mill.

Equipment composition:
The working part is composed of a high speed rotating disc and a fixed disc.Advantages:
1, the material through a short time, less heat, the best milling equipment for PE heat sensitive materials.
2. Material fineness can controlled by adjusting disc distance.
3. The disc is made of high quality mould steel, can be repeated grinded.
4, High capacity, low energy consumption, easy operation.
Technical features
Adopt the new blades structure, increase capacity, and solve the low capacity and not fineness problems.
It is applied for many plastic, such as PVC, PE, PS, PA, PC etc.
Conveniently installation and maintenance just open the door to clean up.
The powder size is 10 ~ 120 mesh adjustable, and convenient adjustment.
The cooling system uses a combination of cooling air and water.
High-quality wear-resistant steel blades, high capacity, good wear resistance.
Closed design, using its own air volume and pressure, the powder of good collection, no dust leakage.
This machine can grind different kind soft and hard leather into threadiness under normal temperature: artificial leather, PVC and PE and other different molecular structure materials into 20-80 mesh powder, especially suitable for plastic modification.