PPR Pipe Extrusion Line

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PP-R drinking water system is a new type of products commonly used in developed countries; it adopts homogeneous welding technology in cold and hot water delivery system. Its overall technical performance and economic indicators are far better than other similar products, especially its remarkable health performance;

With single screw extruder, suitable for extrusion granular material, high output, up to 120kg/h.
Pipe diameter range 20mm-63mm.
This production line uses a reasonable design, affordable, durable, low energy consumption, the main motor with variable frequency motor.
High effect extruder is designed according to PPR, PPB special processing performance, with new design barrel, screw, high speed, high speed plastify and so on, large amount of extrusion material, low melting temperature, obvious energy saving effect, CO extruding die, special design reasonable channel, pipe outer wall is smooth, small internal stress. The production pipe diameter range Ф20~Ф160mm, production speed can up to 16 meters / minute.
This line can be used to produce HDPE silicon core pipe, normal PP-R, PE pipe.
Low cost: the cost of nano antibacterial pipe is only 5-10% higher than normal pipe. The utility model has the advantages of wide application range, stable spiral mixing machine head, static mixing system, and sufficient material layer superposition with each other, and the internal pressure distribution is more uniform than that of the traditional support type die head.