PVC Marble Profile Production Line

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PVC Artificial Marble Profile Extrusion Line
PVC Imitation Marble Sheet Producing Machinery/Stone Profile Machinery
PVC Marble Profile Skirting and Siding Board Making Machine
Source Factory PVC Imitation Marble Profile Production Line
PVC marble profile,photo frame,skirting line, floor board ceiling corner etc  for indoor decoration.

Advantage of PVC marble profiles:
With a lot of colors and color consistency and Large surface application.
Never seeped oil. Waterproof, anticorrosive, moth-proofing.
Natural & Attractive appearance and nice heat and sound insulation
No radiation, Non-toxic and eco-friendly features
Easy installation,

Recyclable :
processing engineering of the leftover frame can be recycled, save cost, also reduced the waste, this is also what wood line does not have.

Machine Features:
Energy savings
Less space needed
Simple logistic management
Substantial cost savings (investment, management …)
Formulations adjustable in-line
Maintain a proprietary in-house manufacturing process

Technical Parameter:

Screw DiameterCapacityCapacityExtruder PowerLine Length
SJZ 5151/10580-100KG/H18.5kw10-16m
SJZ 5555/120100-180kg/h22-30kw12-20m

Coincal Twin Screw Extruder:
Adopting Specially Screw Designs According To Different Materials Make
The High Polymer Micro-Foam Uniform Plasticization, High Extrusion. Imported Famous Brands AC Inverter Makes
The Rotation Speed Stable To Ensure The Main Extruder And Accessory Machines Move Synchronously

Profile moulds:
material 3Cr17, it includes the die head parts, vacuum calibrator parts, water cooling tank parts

Vacuum calibrating table:
adopts powerful turbo cooling system, easy to achieve satisfactory cooling effect.
According to different moulds and different customer requirements, the vacuum calibrating table can be optional as 4m, 6m.
Hot stamping machine , at least 9 sets
Haul off machine: adopts special lifting technology, and has the features of stable running, reliable working, powerful hauling etc,
Cutting machine: the moving speed of the cutting unit is synchronized with hauling speed. Through prseting,the cutting unit is capable for automatic cutting with fixed length. Dust recycling device is also equipped.

PVC profile extrusion line
The typical layout for a profile system includes the following modules:

  1. Automatic feeder
  2. Twin screw co-rotating extruder for excellent mixing and high production rate
  3. Melt Pump – for steady pressure generation and
  4. Die Head – for shaping your desired profile
  5. Calibrator with cooling sprayers – for heat removal
  6. Haul off
  7. Cutter unit
  8. Stacker